Guide to Adapting a Successful Mindset

Do you have that friend that is constantly complaining about everything and everyone, blaiming everyone else and the world for his/her failure to reach success in life? I think we all know someone with that attitude. Have you ever thought about how contagious this mindset is? Turning around and adapting a successful mindset is a huge step towards feeling better about your life. It is probably not something that you will manage to do overnight however, so prepare yourself to keep at it. You will soon notice that you’re not letting the small things get to you!

Where to start?

Accepting that you need to change your mindset is the first step, that personal insight that you yourself need to change. Also realizing the fact that the only thing you have any control over in your world is yourself. How you react to events, how you choose to view problems that arise. We as humans have a choice, we can either choose to better ourselves by taking a more positive path or we can choose to accept defeat in the face of challenge. Not letting negativity overwhelm us can be hard at first, but keep at it and keep searching for that silver lining. Use it as motivation to become better, smarter, stronger and even happier! Wouldn’t you be happier if you could go from making excuses and being passive to making progress towards your dreams? I know I’d be!

Glass half full attitude

Adapting a successful mindset is more than just smiling at everything. For example, instead of looking at every possible negative outcome of any given situation, instead try to focus only on the positives. Sure this might seem near impossible at first, but practice doing this, always look for the opportunity in every challenge. This helps you become more creative, more productive and happier in general. This is probably what others around you will notice the most as well, and it’s an attitude that can be very contagious. Being the positive one in your group usually makes people look up to you and turn to you for advice. 

Face every challenge head on!

Stop putting off work that has to be done. Procrastination is the nemesis of a stress-free lifestyle. Trust me on that, I still to this day struggle with procrastination. Sure, it’s acceptable in smaller doses but when you start putting off important tasks over and over again, it’s time to deal with it. Find some way of rewarding yourself when you’ve accomplished things that you used to procrastinate over in the past. The best way that I’ve found is a mental countdown. As soon as I find myself procrastinating or dreading over a task I need to get done, I do a countdown in my head, from 5 to 0. At 0, I just start, no matter what it is. Head on.


Adapting a successful mindset is never an easy task if you’re starting from the ground up. It takes time to condition yourself to change your view on the world, which is basically what you’re trying to do. Our world view is something that is imprinted upon us from the early years by our parents, our peers and our environments. It’s not impossible though, and once you reach that first little bit of progress, it’ll get better and better every passing day. The trick is to keep at it, never to settle for the first knee-jerk reaction to any given situation. Think it through, be rational. You should aim at making it a habit of turning a bad situation into an opportunity. Speaking of habits, check out my post about habits, right here!

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